Victor’s journey from being expelled from two schools to speaking openly about his transformation at our Milton Keynes launch illustrates the profound impact of the programme and the opportunities it provides for personal growth.

At 15, Victor was expelled from two schools, appearing destined for a troubled path.

But fate intervened when he joined Olive Academies‘ Alternative Provision and engaged in our “Curious About Ice Cream” project.

His enthusiasm for marketing, sales and unique flavour ideas sparked a transformation, shifting him from a troublemaker to a determined young man.

ULTIMATE Work Experience

During the summer, he consciously pursued our ultimate work experience at Bidwells, applying his newfound knowledge into industry.

15 year old Victor bravely took to the stage at our Milton Keynes launch and spoke about his journey openly with the entrepreneurs and educators in attendance.

We’ve only known Victor since June…

This story showcases the power of second chances and how our Curious Entrepreneurs Community changes young lives.

Victor sharing his experiences with fellow Curious Entrepreneur, Bailey at the Milton Keynes launch.