Curious Entrepreneur Podcast
Curious Entrepreneur Podcast
Fly like a bee with Dani Wallace

Inspire 2 Ignite CIC presents – Curious Entrepreneur Podcast. This is where we discuss business ideas, challenge the systems working against 16 – 24 year olds and talk about the mindset required for a successful journey of a curious entrepreneur.

The Curious Entrepreneurs were joined by the astonishing Queen Bee, Dani Wallace. Award Winning Public Speaking Coach helping Founders, Start Ups, Senior Executives with their mission messages, empowering them with influence in the boardroom, on stages, and with teams| IAQTB Movement| DEI | Queen Bee 

Get inspired by her story, parenting, choosing her future path and how she brought herself out of poverty through entrepreneurship and doing something she loved every day!

If you have any questions for Dani, get in touch with us and we can introduce you to her.

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