Hi, I’m Alex 👋, a true believer in entrepreneurship being the ultimate form of creativity. I’m a self-confessed project ‘firestarter’, problem-solver, side-hustler and highly motivated agent for change.

Becoming a father at the age of 14 was the catalyst behind my commitment to removing the barriers for young people. This has led me to build and manage several businesses, all focusing on the power that clusters of entrepreneurs can play in economic and social development.

Inspire 2 Ignite is my way of giving young people, who – like myself – may have found themselves in unusual or challenging situations, the chance to be their very best selves, taking back control of their lives, and creating a future of endless possibilities.

I’m always available to people who feel I can enable them in some way, so if that’s you, I’d love to connect.

Hi there 👋, I’m Christine – ‘Fixer of Everything’.

When you need something done, I’m the person you call.

I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to grow multiple businesses and employ over 150 people. But, getting to this point was far from easy.

I left school without clear direction on what I wanted to do next – but through Shift Momentum and Curious Entrepreneurs, founded by Alex and I, I’ve discovered my true passion: helping people. Particularly young people. It’s massively rewarding to see people develop and gain new skills.

Through my own journey of starting a business, I’ve picked up valuable life skills such as resilience, problem-solving, money management, and leadership – all of which I’m devoted to sharing with the young entrepreneurs we work with.

If there’s ever a bump in the road, which inevitably there will be, I’ll do whatever it takes to help overcome it.

Hey 👋 I’m Sam Squire, the Ignition Coach at Inspire 2 Ignite.

I ask the Curious Entrepreneurs on our Ignite Programme powerful questions to help broaden their self-awareness and build their self-belief, so they can become the best humans they can be.

I spent 11 years in the sphere of professional football before being offered a bursary at the University of Cambridge where I became a Certified Life Coach. Learning this new skill led me towards helping over 1000+ disadvantaged young people in Cambridge.

Aged 19, I was told I wouldn’t be offered another professional contract. I was lost, confused, and didn’t know which road to go down. My dreams were shattered.

This is the reason why I’m so passionate about helping young people achieve theirs.

After months engaging with his social media, I met Alex in a local coffee shop. It was then I took a leap of faith and told him I needed help.

And now here we are.