Bailey 18, once disconnected and uninspired by mainstream education, found his passion and purpose, transforming into a buzzing, excited young entrepreneur generating multiple streams of income.

At just 18, Bailey isn’t your typical teenager. With the backing of Curious Entrepreneurs Community, he transformed from a school student feeling out of place to a thriving entrepreneur, all while juggling his A-levels.

Building a business from his loft

Bailey’s journey kicked off in the family loft, where he turned a 3D printer and a small investment into a booming cookie cutter business. Orders poured in, and Bailey’s creations became a hit on platforms like Etsy. But this was just the beginning.

Despite the pressure to follow a traditional educational path, Bailey’s entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be contained. The Ignite Programme became his launchpad, a space where his business aspirations were nurtured and amplified.

A pivotal moment was his attendance at Atomicon, an experience that left him electrified with ideas and connections. “He came home absolutely buzzing,” recalls Bailey’s dad. “Sam, I will forever be grateful for what you and Alex are doing, thank you so much from both of us.”

Bailey at the beginning of his journey, speaking at our launch event in Cambridge 2022

Diversifying into tech

Today, Bailey is on the cusp of breaking into the AI world, with plans for an innovative AI sleeve venture. It’s a bold leap, fuelled by the unwavering support of Curious Entrepreneurs Community and a testament to the transformative power of tailored support for young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bailey sharing his experiences at a recent event

What Bailey's Dad says

Just wanted to show a bit of appreciation for what you've done with Bailey the past couple of days. He came home last night absolutely buzzing. I think he must have stood in our front room for over an hour and just talked non-stop about all these people he's met, about how he got to know the team, all these opportunities, all the messages he's going to send to follow up with, all these exciting projects he's lined up. Honestly, it's so nice to see him like this.  He's never really shown this before about school, and literally right away he's buzzing about things he wants to do. For us, that's what we want to see. Sam, I will forever be grateful for what you and Alex are doing, thank you so much from both of us.

Hear from Bailey

Bailey’s story serves as a testament to alternative routes to success. He juggled school, a part-time job, and even managed to sell nearly 4,000 products on Etsy. To dive deeper into his inspiring journey, take a look at Bailey’s episode below;

Bailey meeting our Ignite Champion Daniel Priestley from ScoreApp at ATOMICON.
Bailey took to the stage at our recent 1 year anniversary party