Apryl, 17 went from feeling uninspired, let down by traditional education, to becoming the Founder of a mental health education movement. 

A year ago, Apryl was a different person. School had let her down, and anxiety was a constant, unwelcome companion. The future? A daunting prospect. But everything changed when her dad, Dan, introduced her to the Curious Entrepreneurs Community.

Here, Apryl found a space where anxiety took a back seat. Support wasn’t just offered; it was woven into the very fabric of the community. Every session was a step towards rediscovery, every interaction a nudge towards empowerment.

Gaining confidence

Peterborough’s event was a milestone. Apryl was invited to speak but anxiety, that old foe, held her back. Yet, the setback wasn’t the end – it was a beginning. The Curious Entrepreneurs Community stood by her, our belief in her potential unwavering.

Then came the Milton Keynes event and our 1-year anniversary party. This time, Apryl stepped up. An individual previously held back by anxiety was now a confident young speaker, sharing her journey with poise.

Apryl (2nd from left) visiting our partners, Bidwells, to co-create their 'ULTIMATE Work Experience'


Apryl’s transformation is a clear indication of the power of a supportive community. It’s proof that with the right backing, anxiety loses its grip, and the future becomes a landscape of opportunities, ready for the taking.